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Client Lost 45 lbs And Keeps Them Off!

Emily, Pure Strength clientEmily came to Pure Strength in 2008 after trying different exercise routines and finding it hard to stick with any of them. She traveled a lot for work and had many meals on the go, with few healthy options, and too many oversized portions.

After hearing about slow strength training from both a family member and a neighbor, she found Pure Strength down the street and decided to give us a try.

Many trainers can be intimidating and push you too hard. What I like about Pure Strength is how supportive the instructors are, and the comforting environment they create. Don’t get me wrong—the workout is tough—but I feel supported and encouraged.

Emily never misses her Pure Strength training, and she brings 100% effort and focus to every session. Since 2008, she has lost 45 lbs., and she has kept it off ever since through her consistent workouts and a mindful diet!

K.I.S.S. —8 Essential Steps to Fuel Your Body

K.I.S.S. —8 Essential Steps to Fuel Your Body

Yes, you’ve heard it many times before: Eat better and you’ll feel better. But what exactly does that mean? We know it’s hard to figure out how to fuel your body when there are so many different kinds of diets and trends. Superfoods, keto, paleo, plant-based, counting calories, juicing…The list goes on and on, and there… Continue Reading