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Awarded Business of Excellence 2023

The 20-minute P.L.E.A.S.E. The Body Blueprint Backed By Science


For nearly 20 years, PureStrength LA has been providing a superior workout backed by science, specializing in working with men and women over 40. Through the P.L.E.A.S.E The Body Blueprint, Pure Strength offers a six-step program that helps clients get stronger and build muscle. Our method helps you reverse muscle loss, increase bone density, boost metabolic rates and improve overall core strength.


Pure Strength pushes the body beyond failure to achieve unprecedented response utilizing the slow strength training technique. This technique has proven to be safer and work faster to change your body composition than traditional forms of weight training. Best performed in just one twenty-minute session per week, an ongoing program at Pure Strength will support your fitness goals for gaining muscle, reducing fat and improving cardiovascular health.


As a busy professional, like most of us, I have limited time to take care of myself, and fitness is usually the first thing to go when time gets tight. Pure Strength sounded possible and impossible at the same time! Twenty minutes once a week is the ideal workout, but would it even work? Of course the answer is yes! Pure Strength gives me the challenging exercise I need in just the right amount of time. From when I started at Pure Strength in 2009, I’ve seen great improvements in my strength and tone, especially in my arms and legs. Every week I am surprised how exhausted and exhilarated I feel after twenty minutes – it is life changing!

Nicolas Bobroff

I’ve been a client of PureStrength since 2004. Melissa Gunn has been my instructor since 2002. Melissa Gunn is extremely well qualified, professional and caring. I travel 10 miles from my home (there are facilities much closer) so I can workout with Melissa. As a woman in her sixties, I understand the need for weight training to prevent muscle loss and build stamina. Melissa’s program has not only given me increased endurance for my everyday activities, but has, because of muscle tone, improved my skiing. I would give an unqualified endorsement to the workout at PureStrength, but more importantly to Melissa Gunn’s commitment and the attention she gives to each client.

Susan Landau

In the year 2000, I had gastric bypass surgery. People noticed that I lost weight…almost 100 pounds. Then I had a tummy tuck and started an exercise program. People noticed that I looked better. But as some of my friends pointed out to me, there were things that “sagged” or in their words, “don’t wear spaghetti strapped clothing.”

Then, I started PureStrength in 2005. After a few months of diligent working out with Melissa and team, a girlfriend, who had noticed all that, picked me up at the airport in Chicago. Her jaw dropped. “What DID you do to yourself?” she screamed. “You look SO different!!!!” I realized that my shape had changed and my strength had improved. My boobs were now pointing forward instead of down, my shoulders were back, and my arms had muscles. Yes, muscles! My body said, “You are a confident and strong woman.” My posture was erect. My head held high. And all of that made me smile…all the time. I looked different because I felt different. And because I feel good, I look good.

Yet looking good is not the only benefit. A couple of years ago, I took a bad fall and spent months on crutches. In my past (pre PureStrength) life, I could never have managed to put all that weight onto my arms. But, no problem. I could move around freely without even breaking a sweat. Why? Because I had muscles and strength.

To this day, I don’t miss a work out because I want to stay this way. YIPPEE!

Andrea Michaels

I’ve always been jealous of those people who boast about how much they love working out. Jealous and suspicious, that is. Who in the world wants to willingly subject themselves to pain on a regular basis? Do these people love dental exams and IRS audits, too? As a result, I’ve spent a lifetime enthusiastically jumping into workout regimens, only to shamefully skulk out a few weeks or months later. Traditional weightlifting, aerobics, cycling, even tried kung-fu… I bailed on all of them. Then, one day, my wife discovered this little out of the way gym in Studio City that promised to improve my physical fitness with only one twenty minute workout a week. One workout a week? My first thought was ‘no way’ and my second thought was ‘even I can suck it up for twenty minutes a week!’ Now, I am amazed that I’ve somehow become such a committed super-slow enthusiast. I enjoy it so much, I even found myself adding a second workout a week. Since I started in 2011, I’ve lost twenty pounds, increased my strength and energy, and when I had my heart exam, (welcome to 50…) the doctor could somehow tell from the tests that I was lifting weights and said to keep it up as it’s a great heart workout.

Michael Wright

I have been involved in SuperSlow® training for years prior to moving to Los Angeles and have picked right up where I left off with Melissa Gunn at PureStrength. As a busy professional wanting to stay fit, this form of exercise makes perfect sense as I can work out once per week for only 30 minutes without breaking a sweat. As an orthopedic surgeon, it makes sense as it works all muscle fiber groups unlike conventional weight training leading to healthier muscle. It is safer for tendons, nerves, and joints allowing more time for recovery unlike conventional weight-training. With increased muscle tone and an appropriate caloric intake, fat is replaced by muscle. I have had many cardiologist colleagues over the years tout this form of exercise explaining that healthier muscle requires more blood for nourishment which also gives the heart a workout making it healthier, similar to a cardio workout.

John T. Knight, M.D.

When I began working out with Melissa, she told me two things – I probably wouldn’t enjoy it, and spending just 20 minutes a week with her would completely change my body for the better within a year. From the time I started in 2012 to now, I’m not only fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been in my life, I’m actually enjoying working out.

Michael Neill

Having worked out using the SuperSlow® method since 2003, it is clear that I am hooked. The short, but intense workouts have enabled me to achieve many of my fitness goals: Increased strength, muscle toning and shaping. The privacy and personal attention that are provided at PureStrength by Melissa Gunn are exactly what I needed to succeed and stick with my fitness training. I highly recommend PureStrength to anyone who wants to feel and look more fit, but who has limited time for working out and exercising.

Allen R. Nissenson, MD, FACP

PureStrength has changed my life! My metabolism is better and I have long, lean muscles. I worked very hard, changed my eating habits and it took time but was completely worth it! I was afraid that I would dread the workouts or that I would bulk up but after years that has not happened! Over 40 pounds later I am a new, fitter me!

Emily Dauer

75 year old woman at Pure Strength

Thanks to my PureStrength training program, I have lost 18 pounds and 11 percent body fat. I have developed a lean, energetic, and trim look, and feel terrific. People have approached me on the golf course, in stores, and during travel abroad with unsolicited remarks on my fitness, appearance, and “wholesome presence.” As I just turned 75, I am most grateful to find such a unique and rewarding program as PureStrength.

Jeanne Goen, Ph.D.

I’ve been a regular client of PureStrength since 2011. It’s the longest (by far) that I have ever stuck with a fitness program, and it’s because it works! What drew me in was the one time a week aspect of the workout. I figured that if I can’t keep a one time a week commitment to my physical health, I might as well give up completely! I injured my back in a car accident when I was 18 and fractured my tailbone twice, so chronic back pain had been a part of my life. It would feel a lot better when I did yoga 3-5 times a week, but that just wasn’t a schedule that I could stick too. In my first pregnancy, my back and hip pain was so bad that I was in physical therapy from my 8th week of pregnancy until well after the baby came. I started at PureStrength, when my first child was almost two, with the goal of strengthening my body before I got pregnant again. It worked, and my back felt stronger and pain-free! I can even do pull-ups, which I read only 5% of women can do, and I never dreamed I would be able to, so to me, this was huge! Two years later, when I got pregnant again, it was so different! Even though I was four years older, it was a breeze! No back pain, no hip pain, and I worked out until I delivered! I should also mention that I only gained 25 pounds the whole pregnancy, and got back in shape immediately. All I do is give it my all, once a week, for 20-30 minutes and in return I’m strong and in shape and have no back pain. Talk about a good use of time!!!

Jeannie Roshar