purestrength-notagline iS a professional fitness training facility, not a gym.

We seek to inspire, inform and educate, providing expert one-on-one instruction designed for your optimal training experience.

Not your typical workout facility we've created what we feel is an ideal environment with your whole being in mind.

Utilizing the breakthrough technique of slow cadence strength training, on select equipment in an exclusive setting, at Pure Strength we help you reach your fitness goals in a focused, efficient manner.

In your 20-minute, once a week personal training sessions, one of our exercise specialists will guide you through your slow motion/high-intensity training. We desire the minimum amount of exercise that will produce the stimulus for adaptation. Anything beyond this amount of exercise only acts to consume precious recovery resources. This allows you to obtain optimal results.

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12265 Ventura Blvd, Suite 106

Studio City, California 91604

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History of the SUPERSLOW® model

Researched and documented in 1982 by Ken Hutchins through the Nautilus sponsored Osteoporosis Study at the University of Florida Medical School, SuperSlow® has demonstrated to be a most safe, productive and efficient exercise. Research has shown that the optimal environment for “SuperSlow®” training includes the following:

  1. Private one-on-one instruction
  2. No Distractions
  3. The Best Equipment – all of our equipment is specially modified for using the SuperSlow® training protocol
  4. Controlled temperature

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