Client loses weight, gains horse!

Pure Strength client Stacy and her horse55-year old Stacey has been a member of Pure Strength for five years. Since she was 7 years old, she longed for a horse of her own. Two years ago, her husband bought her a horse. This was the motivation she needed to lose the extra weight she had gradually put on over the years.

“I started coming to Pure Strength because I was worried that the extra weight I was carrying was going to accelerate my osteoarthritis. Before that, I had never been able to adhere to a regular or continuous exercise regimen. The positive support and encouragement I received from Melissa and her staff motivated me to continue and achieve my goal for better health and physical strength.”

Stacey lost 80 pounds in 2016 with a Mediterranean-style diet, portion control, and never missing her Pure Strength workouts, and she was able to go completely off her blood pressure medication too! She has kept this weight off over the last year and a half and feels great. Inspiring, Stacey!