Our Instructors


Melissa Gunn


Melissa is a Certified SuperSlow Instructor, a certified Exercise Specialist, and a fitness and nutrition coach. She has two decades of experience in the health and fitness industry, has worked with thousands of people over the past 20 years to regain and rejuvenate their health, and today is the founder of Pure Strength LA which has helped women and men over 40 gain optimal wellbeing. She discovered slow cadence, high-intensity strength training and immediately found this technique to be in a class alone.

Melissa found that many people were either not getting results when they went to the gym on their own or were getting injured. She is devoted to sharing her expertise and helping her clients stay injury-free, and feel stronger as they age!

Melissa Gunn is passionate about sharing the importance of being truly healthy, educating her clients so they feel this passion, experience it, and come to believe it for themselves!

Melissa founded Pure Strength LA in 2004, which stands as a private, exclusive, personal training studio. Its core principles are simplicity, efficiency, and balance, to give individuals the very best personal training in a private and focused environment. 

Our mission is to educate people over 40 how the goal of gaining strength is the foundation of your health regimen and the #1 factor in healthy aging.

 We've been honored to be featured in numerous Los Angeles publications such as Angeleno Magazine and Valley magazine, as well as being targeted in news segments for local news stations.  We have recently launched virtual training to benefit our clients outside the greater Los Angeles area.

Amanda started slow motion training in 2010, and enjoyed it so much she pursued her personal trainer certification to teach others at Pure Strength. The appeal of a workout that can drastically change your life and only takes 20-30 minutes was undeniable; as a woman on the go, she was hooked! Pure Strength allowed her to feel the best she has ever felt, and she couldn't help but want to share it with others! Amanda enjoys working with people and loves helping her clients reach their goals like she did.





Randi Green


Randi has been involved with fitness in some aspect or another for most of her adult life. As a personal trainer for over 15 years, she has worked with a myriad of clients, ranging from student athletes to gracefully aging seniors. Having worked closely with a physical therapist for many years, Randi is skilled in working with clients who have impairments or are post-operative, rehabilitating from various surgeries, such as knee replacement, hip replacement, torn rotator cuff, etc.

Discovering Pure Strength and the SuperSlow protocol has truly made quite an impact on Randi’s outlook on exercise. “After seeing so many negative consequences of high-impact exercise and sports injuries, I’m thrilled to have found an exercise regime that is so safe, while being incredibly effective and time-efficient. For me to be able to share this with my clients is a joy and I’m truly passionate about preserving one’s physical fitness, regardless of age or physical limitations.”