Our Protocol

Pure Strength is a professional fitness training facility- not a gym. We seek to inspire, inform and educate, providing expert one-on-one instruction in an exclusive setting designed for our clients optimal personal training experience.


The components of the Pure Strength method are:

  • One-On-One Instruction with a certified Instructor
  • Controlled Environment
  • Specialized Equipment
  • Accurate record keeping to ensure progress
  • Education

Pure Strength has chosen to exclusively use the Slow Training protocol. This technique involves lifting and lowering weights over a 10 second time frame. This eliminates acceleration and momentum, keeping the muscle under a continuous load and most effectively fatiguing the muscle. All of our workouts last 20 minutes or less. We desire the minimum amount of exercise that will produce the stimulus for adaptation. Anything beyond this amount of exercise only acts to consume precious recovery resources.

We keep precise records of each client’s workout performance, which allows us to know if we are manipulating the variables of intensity, duration and frequency appropriately. By doing this our clients can show progress on every exercise of every workout. Our clients rely on us to be knowledgeable about the latest research and information in the field of exercise and fitness.

At Pure Strength, it is important that we live what we teach. Our staff is expected to embark on the approach that we espouse, specifically the three pillars of a healthy lifestyle: exercise, nutrition, rest and recovery. Each certified exercise specialist not only is required to obtain outside certification and education, but also undergo a Pure Strength educational program and certification in our specific training methods and equipment prior to beginning work with any of our clients.


Introductory Session

During your Introductory Consultation, you will meet with one of our exercise specialists for one hour to discuss your goals and needs, be educated about what to expect, and learn how to obtain the most from your workout every week. You will then be guided through your introductory workout session. All sessions at Pure Strength are private, one-on-one personal training, with focused attention on you.

History of SUPERSLOW® model

Researched and documented in 1982 by Ken Hutchins through the Nautilus sponsored Osteoporosis Study at the University of Florida Medical School, SuperSlow® has demonstrated to be a most safe, productive and efficient exercise. Research has shown that the optimal environment for “SuperSlow®” training includes the following:

  1. Private one-on-one instruction
  2. No Distractions
  3. The Best Equipment – all of our equipment is specially modified for using the SuperSlow® training protocol
  4. Controlled temperature