Intelligent strength training without compromise

Scientific research has proven the effectivenes of the slow method of high intensity training employed at PureStrength. The logic and universal success of this slow-motion training continues to be evidenced decade after decade.

In 2001, exercise physciologist, Dr. Wayne Westcott conducted studies comparing this slow-method workout to traditional weight training. His research proves overwhelmingly that slow-motion strength training produces significantly superior results. In fact, it yields a 50% increase in strength compared to the traditional-tempo workout.



Muscles are the engines of our body

Physical strength, and the dynamic energy associated with it, is largely a function of muscular vigor. The largest portion of our metabolism is represented by skeletal muscle tissue. Therefore, building and maintaining muscle mass is of utmost importance.

Muscles are the structural support of our body

Sarcopenia is the loss of skeletal muscle that naturally accompanies aging. Starting in early middle age, adults who do not strength train lose an average of one-half pound of lean muscle per year. This muscle is replaced by fat, compromising the body's structural support. PureStrength offers an efficient antidote to this problem.

A regular program of this form of exercise also helps

  • increase bone density
  • enhance joint flexibility
  • build resistance to injury
  • reduce back and neck pain
  • lower blood pressure
  • relieve arthritis discomfort
  • control blood sugar

Intelligent strength training: safe, effective, efficient

Cultivating physical strength is one of the best things you can do for both your mind and body. Being strong allows you to think and move with stamina and grace, resulting in greater ease in your everyday life.

Don't waste energy, don't waste time

PureStrength pushes the body beyond failure to achieve unprecedented response. Best performed in just one 20-minute session per week, an ongoing program at PureStrength will support your objectives for: gaining muscle, reducing fat and improving cardiovascular health. Hard to believe, but our 1 x per week prescription actually allows the body its natural course to recover and build the long term, sustained strength desired from a workout.

No Momentum

Velocity and momentum diminish muscular resistance, waste energy, and compromise the integrity of your workout. The slow, smooth, controlled repetitions of our method require maximum use of muscle and mental focus, delivering an extremely safe, productive result.

Sarcopenia: The Theft of Muscular Strength & Countering the Decline

Starting in early middle age, adults who don’t strength train lose an average of one-half pound of lean muscle per year. With that muscle, goes part of their physical strength.

sarcopeniaAs strength decreases, so does everyday functioning. The ability to walk correctly, climb stairs, and accomplish simple tasks and chores diminishes.

This loss of strength creates a vicious cycle. Since it takes more physical effort to perform daily tasks, often mixed with discomfort, a person is inclined to avoid the effort. This creates even more weakness.

Maintaining strength, is a key to quality of life as you age.

The regimen followed at purestrength-notagline counters the natural decline of Sarcopenia.

In Sarcopenia, the muscle loss is replaced by fat as evidenced by the image above. Muscle mass cannot usually be maintained into older age with ordinary aerobic activities.

Current studies using high intensity workouts have shown that strength can be doubled in just 12 weeks of training. Even frail nursing-home residents in their 90’s proved able to build muscle and strength. Additionally, preserving muscle mass supports the body’s ability to withstand disease.