9 Tips on sleeping through the night

  1. First of all, give your strength training time your full effort. Don’t give up. Remember, as long as you are moving slowly and not flinging the weight or suddenly dropping the weight, you are very safe with pushing to full intensity. 
  1. Walk for 30-90 minutes every day. This is great for overall stress relief. 
  1. Supplement one other intense 20-30 minute workout during the week. This can be sprinting, cycling, hiking hills, or even running. Just keep the time short and keep the effort high to get your heart rate up and avoid unnecessary stress on your joints. 
  1. Reduce or eliminate sugar- especially when it’s close to bedtime. This can greatly disrupt your sleep. 
  1. No large meals or anything that is hard to digest before bedtime. Let your body rest instead of having to take energy to digest your food. 
  1. Reduce or eliminate alcohol. I know- this is not one people like to hear.  Try it for a month and see the difference. You may also find yourself a few pounds lighter as well!
  1. Dim the lights and do something relaxing. Turn off any electronic devices at least one hour before bedtime. Read a book (not the news), stretch or do restorative yoga, or take a hot shower or bath. 
  1. Go to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every day. Your body will adjust to knowing when it’s time to sleep.
  1. If you do wake up in the night, resist the urge to turn on the lights, look at your phone or turn on the television. Try to take slow breaths (5-7 seconds in and 5-7 seconds breathing out) and see if you get back to sleep.