Andrea Michaels

In the year 2000, I had gastric bypass surgery. People noticed that I lost weight…almost 100 pounds. Then I had a tummy tuck and started an exercise program. People noticed that I looked better. But as some of my friends pointed out to me, there were things that “sagged” or in their words, “don’t wear spaghetti strapped clothing.”

Then, I started PureStrength in 2005. After a few months of diligent working out with Melissa and team, a girlfriend, who had noticed all that, picked me up at the airport in Chicago. Her jaw dropped. “What DID you do to yourself?” she screamed. “You look SO different!!!!” I realized that my shape had changed and my strength had improved. My boobs were now pointing forward instead of down, my shoulders were back, and my arms had muscles. Yes, muscles! My body said, “You are a confident and strong woman.” My posture was erect. My head held high. And all of that made me smile…all the time. I looked different because I felt different. And because I feel good, I look good.

Yet looking good is not the only benefit. A couple of years ago, I took a bad fall and spent months on crutches. In my past (pre PureStrength) life, I could never have managed to put all that weight onto my arms. But, no problem. I could move around freely without even breaking a sweat. Why? Because I had muscles and strength.

To this day, I don’t miss a work out because I want to stay this way. YIPPEE!