John T. Knight, M.D.

I have been involved in SuperSlow® training for years prior to moving to Los Angeles and have picked right up where I left off with Melissa Gunn at PureStrength. As a busy professional wanting to stay fit, this form of exercise makes perfect sense as I can work out once per week for only 30 minutes without breaking a sweat. As an orthopedic surgeon, it makes sense as it works all muscle fiber groups unlike conventional weight training leading to healthier muscle. It is safer for tendons, nerves, and joints allowing more time for recovery unlike conventional weight-training. With increased muscle tone and an appropriate caloric intake, fat is replaced by muscle. I have had many cardiologist colleagues over the years tout this form of exercise explaining that healthier muscle requires more blood for nourishment which also gives the heart a workout making it healthier, similar to a cardio workout.