Michael Wright

I’ve always been jealous of those people who boast about how much they love working out. Jealous and suspicious, that is. Who in the world wants to willingly subject themselves to pain on a regular basis? Do these people love dental exams and IRS audits, too? As a result, I’ve spent a lifetime enthusiastically jumping into workout regimens, only to shamefully skulk out a few weeks or months later. Traditional weightlifting, aerobics, cycling, even tried kung-fu… I bailed on all of them. Then, one day, my wife discovered this little out of the way gym in Studio City that promised to improve my physical fitness with only one twenty minute workout a week. One workout a week? My first thought was ‘no way’ and my second thought was ‘even I can suck it up for twenty minutes a week!’ Now, I am amazed that I’ve somehow become such a committed super-slow enthusiast. I enjoy it so much, I even found myself adding a second workout a week. Since I started in 2011, I’ve lost twenty pounds, increased my strength and energy, and when I had my heart exam, (welcome to 50…) the doctor could somehow tell from the tests that I was lifting weights and said to keep it up as it’s a great heart workout.