Missy M.

​​I just had my first workout with Melissa Gunn. . .and oh WOW was it awesome!

I have been fortunate to work out with the best of the best and over the last fifteen years, I  achieved tremendous results in losing weight and reshaping my body. I even ran a 1/2  marathon but nothing prepared me for the workout I had today.

Less "IS" more, in 20 minutes with Melissa my whole body has just the right amount of fatigue and soreness, it feels as though I went to a kickboxing class AND did an hour of weight training. I had heard amazing raves and reviews and seen first-hand results in person about the slow strength training technique. It got my curiosity sparked as I try to tackle the battle of the bulge over the next ten weeks and signed up for a package of sessions.

This is a genius workout! Melissa and her two trainers explained the technique in detailed perfection, answered all my questions and set my mind at ease. . . .but even then I wasn't sure what I was in for, it wasn't until I actually jumped on the machine and got started that I realized this was going to be the key to my losing weight and getting ripped for the upcoming summer season. I expect great results and will update in ten weeks. My family owns a well-known Pilates studio, and I am an avid Bikram practitioner but  Pure Strength is where it's at if you want to get buff fast. The private gym is convenient to get to, free validated parking, clean and the vivacious encouragement given every minute was engaging and has got me excited for my next workout!. . . .and it's a whole week away.

I am so excited that I took a chance on this inventive form of strength training. I would encourage everyone to do something wonderful for your body and spirit and treat yourself to the introductory class and experience slow strength training for yourself. I know you won't be disappointed and after all, when you consider the price you would pay for your health,  you realize this is priceless 🙂