No Crash Diets—Find Real, Long-Term Solutions!

Am I doing the right things? FIND A LONG TERM SOLUTION – NO CRASH DIETS!

  1. The success of my weight loss is solely determined by my genetics.
    It’s true that genetics do play a role in your ability or inability to lose weight, however, it will only affect your success to a certain degree. Research is showing that what’s more important when it comes to weight loss is your lifestyle and the everyday choices you make regarding physical activity and diet. Losing weight is not a short term project, but instead a way of living your life. A balanced diet consisting of carbohydrates, fat, and protein, all from healthy sources, along with physical activity is what is going to make you successfully reach your goals long term. 
  2. Losing weight means that I have to starve myself and stay hungry all the time.
    You might have to cut back on the size of your portions and what you choose to feed your body with, but weight loss should never be about starving yourself. For two reasons mainly. First, a body running on a severe calorie deficit will respond by conserving energy and store as much as possible in fat depots. This comes from the evolutionary adaptations human bodies has developed in order to survive during bouts of famine and starvation. Burning fat and shedding those extra pounds will end up being even harder than before. Secondly, there’s only so much your body and mind can take on a shortage of fuel before food is all you can think about. 

    Not only will your brain start fogging up from the low levels of energy, but you could end up with cravings that will inevitably be too hard to resist. This combination will, for most people, lead to poor dietary choices and binge eating sessions. So no, don’t starve yourself and deprive your body and mind from the energy it needs. The key is to control your portions, listen to your body when it’s telling you it’s satisfied, eat foods that are healthy and good for you, and eat more frequent meals in order to avoid intense spikes of hunger and energy dips throughout your day.

  3. Losing weight is expensive.
    Not necessarily. You don’t have to pay for pricey juices and expensive new fitness apparel just to prove to yourself and people around you that you are determined to reach your goals. Weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is all about making changes that you can commit to on a long term basis, preferably for the rest of your life. Cooking your own food, planning for all your meals, buying fresh produce, and cutting down on your portion sizes should all contribute to less spontaneous restaurant visits and convenience store runs, and thus lower your monthly expenses. 
  4. I have to spend several hours every day at the gym in order to see and feel results.
    Exercise is absolutely vital for a thriving mind and body, and it should be a part of your day-to-day life. Staying active comes with a long list of benefits, and one of them is indeed an elevated metabolic rate which will help you speed up the weight loss process. However, weight loss is about 80% dependent on your diet. Some will argue that percentage is even higher. By lifting heavy weights as a compliment to your healthy dietary choices, you will experience the desired effects of “discriminated weight loss”, which means that you can be sure to only lose stored fat while maintaining muscle and organ tissue. In the end however, to see desired changes to your body, you have to make the right changes to your daily diet a main priority. 
  5. I’ve waited too long to try to lose weight and now it’s too late.
    We can’t emphasize this enough: it’s never too late to set a goal, be determined to achieve it, and make the changes necessary to put you on the right track. Losing weight and feeling great is not an exclusive experience for a select few, it’s for people from all walks of life – young and old. In 12 months, you’ll be happy you made the decision to take action and make changes today. 
  6. I can sculpt my body and burn undesired fat by targeting specific areas with exercise.
    Surely you’ve read many articles and magazine covers promising you a flat tummy or slimmer legs by doing exercises designed to specifically target these areas. And these are  tempting promises we all wished were true. Realistically however, this is not possible. There is no such thing as spot reduction. There is no way you can tell your body to burn stored fat from a body part of your choice. During weight gain, your body will store fat in the areas it sees fit, mainly determined by your genetics. The same thing goes for burning fat and shedding pounds. This doesn’t mean you should stop doing those abdominal and leg exercises though, since they will help you ramp up your metabolism and add definition through muscle tissue.